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Christel is another human making noise on the Internet. She also goes by as Kirisame and taotrooper. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela on June 19th, 1982 but now she's stuck in Spain. Native Spanish speaker, obviously, but she thinks her English is quite good. Sun in Gemini, rising sign on Pisces, under the year of the Water Dog.

(She's aware this sounds silly, but what did you expect from a domain with an astrological reference?)

Kiri likes many things, and web design is a very casual hobby that's embodied by this domain. She's a frustrated IT student so this means she can write a little code sometimes. She really enjoys fictional stories, either myths and legends or the usual modern ones. Into manga, anime, video games, books, TV, animation, comics. Mostly fantasy, or at least fantastic enough in both senses of the word. Laughter over wangst kind of gal overall, but balance is also great.

Calls herself an INTP Ravenclaw although some sorting tests put her in Hufflepuff. Might end up claimed by Cabin Eleven of Camp Half-Blood. But that's just a geeky classification of her personality because she's still a Muggle and a mortal.

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